Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Skinny on Butterflies.


Butterflies taste with their feet. I love this kind of stuff. Like how do they know that they "taste" as in "like humans?"


But ok, I was willing to accept that someone knew butterfly and had extensively spoken with butterflies and wanted to share this info. And I figured, you know, if butterflies could taste like humans then perhaps we could be more like butterflies than we had really considered.

So I tried to taste things with my feet.

I am not saying it made me really popular at the restaurant but you tell me a scientist that you know that is popular. When you are dedicated, you are willing to do what it takes.

I am also not sure my family will ever speak to me again.

It wasn't easy to get my feet up there on the table ... my days of being able to get my toes into my mouth ended shortly after I was born but I found even though I could not "taste" the food on my table due to my unco-operating body,  I did manage to reach the food on the tables close by. I tasted a couple of steaks, some fish and chips, a salad and a chicken curry.


I could not distinguish any difference between the Diane sauce or the peppercorn. I couldn't even tell any difference between the curry or the salad until my hubby pointed out I should probably take my shoes off, which I then did, but still .... nada ...thus putting to rest the idea that we, like butterflies, can "taste" with our feet.

However, upon reflecting on the notes I made of the whole event, I have considered the possibility that the callouses on my feet may have impeded my abilities and so will attempt the whole experiment one more time after I get a pedicure.

I have a butterfly costume as well so this time I can really immerse myself in the experience.

Currently taking applications for lunch dates.

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