Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Canadians Are So Calm.


Canadians have been hiding a big secret for a long time. We are very private people. Very calm. Very polite. We don't just blab our secrets. 


While the rest of the world is stressing over every sign of puberty, acne, parts that grow ... or don't, new body hair etc etc ... we remain calm.  Our children transition without nary a whimper or a whine.  Without puberty to run your life amuck ... everything else is like a zen retreat ... except for the Calgary Stampede of course ... we are encouraged to be unzenlike and to run amuck.

How do we do it, you ask?

I am going to tell you, but only because I am turning into part Australian and they blab everything. 

Every winter we Canadians, rug up our kids in a bazillion layers with lots of down filled everything. Mainly we can see their eyes and they usually have a little hole for their nose or their mouth ... depending on which they most need to breathe from.

Winter lasts a long time in Canada.

Come spring we unrug them and whoa ... they are done ... cooked, grown, transformed, changed, stud muffined, babeliciouseded. It is a really nice surprise for some of them as they ready for the week of being able to head to the beach in their newly filled out bathing suits.

You see, you can't get hysterical over what you don't see. It is the same effect you have when there is a monster in your room at night and you close your eyes so you can't see the monster and he can't see you ...  only without the eyes or the monster and with more goose down and extra zippers.


I know people have read that the long cold dark winters are for hibernating and sleeping ... but when you really think about it ...

...hormones can't read.

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