Friday, March 29, 2013

A Grown-Up Easter.


Kids don't appreciate egg colouring like we did when we were kids.


When you have to go and get the eggs from chickens that have the capacity to end your life ... you don't just colour those puppies willy nilly. You think about the colours you add, and the design and appreciate that you even made it out of the chicken house alive with any eggs at all.

You coloured them, and the table, the chairs, your clothes, your fingers and a couple of the cows your grandfather made you hand milk for the sick calves, making rainbow teats the envy of all the other cows and putting quite a festive stamp on the Easter Celebrations.

You thought of those eggs and appreciated them every time you looked at the life ending wounds that covered your body from the chickens that wanted to kill you ... the wounds that took months to heal because chickens must spit on their talons or something before they claw you.

And then you would have the eggs all in a beautiful basket and everyone "oohing and ahhing" in a positive way over the eggs and in a sympathetic way over the deep severe chicken wounds ... and it was just this magic moment of childhood.

Oh course Easter comes and goes and parents insist the eggs not be wasted and so there are egg sandwiches for the next week ... except my brother and I always got sick of them and buried them out in the yard. We would say we loved them, take as many as we could and run outside. There was no plan ... it was just instinct .. an unspoken pact between my brother and I.


We ran right next to the chicken house and started digging, making elaborate gestures with our bandanged hands, making sure the eggs .. all chopped up and covered with mayo were visible... which may have been part of the reason the chickens were so bitter.

Chickens hold grudges.

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