Monday, March 11, 2013

A Word of Caution.


You may or may not have noticed that Facebook sometimes asks you to "click" on certain celebrities faces in order to win a chance at a prize. I think it is kind of clever how they use the FACE which ties in with FACEbook and not some other random body part ... like a toe (I can't believe your mind just went where it did)


The thing is, Social Media has such a big influence on our lives and I am sure people go to bed and find their fingers twitching all night, just the muscle response to texting all day, so you can completely understand that some people are trying to "click" in real life when it is completely inappropriate. General and uninvited clicking on people's faces in real life is considered assault and is not conducive to Brad Pitt realizing he made a huge mistake with Angelina and deciding to date you instead. And NO prize is worth screwing up that slim to none chance from happening.

Therefore always precede public clicking with "Hello, my name is (I like to make one up in case it all goes bad but you can use your real name if you are stupid) and may I click on your face? I promise I will be gentle." It is a good thing to keep your clicking finger tucked under your arm so that the celebrity does not feel threatened in any way.

If you are tasered by anyone in the crowd ... it is a pretty good indication that "No, you may not click on this celebrities face."


Oh and always make sure that there is INDEED a prize to be had from clicking because wasting a click is just needless wear and tear on your clicking finger ... AND make sure it is a good prize and not another set of penis jello molds .... again.

SKIN: [Hush] Quinn Skin - Aqua
HAIR:   Elikatira Sofia
EYES: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Black
EARRINGS:  Beauty Code Brown Glow Earrings
NECKLACE:  Boho The Madison NLA
NAILS:  Aa nail RiSa's* prim nail ::chocolate!!::
PURSE: Pure Poison  PP - Black Ditta Mesh Bag
SWEATER:  [ SAKIDE ] Lounge Cardigan Black
LEGGINGS:   Izzie's - Giraffe Print Tights
BOOTS:  Mentine Ankle Boot Suede Black
POSES:  zzang

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