Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back When We Lived for Mail.


Remember when people used to take the time to write letters ... and they would have to write it all out with a pen on paper, in words you could both read and understand?


Remember when you used to die waiting for the mail because their might be a love letter in there from a boyfriend who promised to write and then when you got it you would hold it and smell it and look at every detail before you opened the envelope?

And you would sit there and read it and think about him having sat there writing this out for you, all the time thinking of you and it was the most romantic thing ever because ... it just was ... trust me ...

And you would store them away, tied up with a ribbon, in a pretty box, so that you would always remember those special moments?

Does anyone get butterflies in their stomach anymore?


Because I think some of that is lost in the computer age where conversation is counted in number of characters and we abbreviate everything and we send gifs of butterflies ... or stomachs ... and the only reason we keep the text messages and emails we send our lovers is for evidence so we can either ridicule them or sue them later on.

It just is not the same.

For one thing my computer still just smells of the garlic from last nights dinner ... I am going to go and get some of my hubby's cologne and pretend the jokes he sends me in the morning are romantic in some way.

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