Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Darkness Transecends the Morning.


As I mentioned, hubby is very big on conserving water, power, money etc. To be fair he is the genius behind our fabulous life style so please don't tell him about this post, he has just now become numb to my constant abuse on here and I think me being kind might compromise the callouses on his tender feelings.


I admire his ideas and suggestions most times but sometimes, like last night ... I have to just shake my head and wonder where I wrote down the Australian number for emergencies. (It is not 911 and they won't even take into account I am Canadian when I call 911 and answer it ... I mean how hard can that be and I am usually crying or really upset when I call.)

We both got our coffee early in the morning and came around the corner from the kitchen, to go down the long hallway, each to our own office, and he turns out the light. Complete blackness. In the very same hallway where hot tea, much screaming and a toe hanging off where it normally was supposed to be - pointing in a completely different direction - happened. (read all about it here)

I freeze, knowing he is coming up behind me, not sure where I am going, reliving all the trauma of aforementioned toe, toe itself whimpering on the cold tiles, my hands shaking ....

I am almost in a fetal position, except I am a fetus with a really hot cup of coffee in my hand who is holding it verrry carefully.

"seriously ... can I work off the cost of the electricity for the light just to find my way to my office?"

He snorts at me. 

He actually snorted.  Thank heavens it gave me some idea of where he was and I crawled out of the way ...


He thinks he can see in the dark, like a bat, but then I remind him of Canada, Elijah and Megan's and those back kitchen stairs and suddenly the light goes on and he tells me he will find a way for me to work off my debt as he steps over me on the floor and goes to his office.

I am carrying a flashlight with me down that hall from now on.  I will  sell doilies so I can afford batteries.  We are going down to my mother in laws place this weekend, I can put a few in my purse, she will never miss them.

SKIN:  Dulce Secrets Sevanh Mimosa Skin Fair
HAIR:  .:ARI:. Bina
EYES: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Black
EARRINGS:  Persefona Peacock  - Green Earrings  NLA
OUTFIT:  Bitch Tail  .::BT::. Am I? For Acid Lily
SHOES:  !!{{BSD Design Studio}}Birdcage
POSES:  Clemm

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