Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt


I went shopping for the perfect Easter Egg yesterday. One that was all pretty and lovely and chocolatey.   (it's a word if I say it is a word ... it is my blog!)


I prayed about it. I figured this being a religious holiday and this being important to me that I would ask for the perfect egg to be made just for me and that there be some kind of sign that THIS was the one. I sometimes have difficulties making up my mind when signs are not like ... obvious.

I think the unclear sign thing is probably responsible for more bad marriages than anything else. People think they hear angels singing and it is just a fridge door left open too long somewhere.

So I went out and the Easter egg aisle was a complete free for all with people swearing at one another to get the hell out of their way they had to get home in time to go to church and other people threatening to use their pepper spray if someone didn't hand over their Cadbury's. I walked along, stepping over bodies, and avoiding small children clearly not needing any more chocolate or any other stimulant and saw a light down at the end of a long aisle. I walked up to it and suddenly ... angels singing!! I cocked my head to be sure and I could clearly make out words like "ahhh ahhh ahhh" and "Jesus" and "Gloria in excelsus deo..." THIS WAS IT!!

I looked down and saw a beautiful chocolate egg with "Bliss" in script writing - clearly hand done by monks living only on the purest of nuts and berries and yak milk up in the Tibetan mountains somewhere. I reached for it and had it in my hands when suddenly it was snatched from me by a woman with a cart full of candied everything .. some of them looking suspiciously like Christmas candy. She was mean looking and she had bits of rabbit fur or something in her teeth and a dead chicken under one arm so I knew, despite my having wrestled steers on the farm, she would annihilate me. 

I tried begging. I cried. I asked her if she could not hear the angels singing?  She couldn't.  That is the sucky thing ... often when they give you that sign ... you are the only one who can see/hear it and trying to convince others usually ends up with either you in a looney bin or going on tour with Billy Graham.   She just walked off with a smirk on her face.  I threw myself on the floor and was having a complete tantrum but got scared when some mother picked me up and asked me if I wanted time out in the car by myself or to deal with the consequences when she got me home.  It's not easy climbing out of one of those shopping carts. 

I had an idea.  I went and got the store security all the while asking God why he was being so difficult.  A sign is supposed to seal the deal ... not just say, "hey ya ... here is perfection .. watch it disappear in the mean lady's cart." Store security asked me what I wanted to do about it and I told him I did not believe for one moment that woman's name was Bliss or anyone in her family ... therefore, by default, and under the laws of Easter Egg 101, the egg should go to me.

I didn't get the egg.

I am not even celebrating Easter now.


Angels should not be allowed to sound off when there is a woman married to some 50 year old guy named "Bliss" within reach of my answered prayer.

Who do you talk to at Linden Lab about a name change??

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