Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter in Canada.


Someone asked me what we did in Canada for Easter. That questions always leaves me torn .... between being a good citizen and telling the truth.


I should tell them we colour our Easter eggs, attend church, have family dinner, eat chocolate and do the whole fluffy bunny and little chick thing. I should pull out Hallmark cards and point out all the Canadians playing the role of people embracing the wonders of spring with babbling brooks and birds singing and blue skies with white fluffy clouds. But we have the internet now ...


And how do I hide the pictures of people in their winter gear trying to shovel through the snow in minus 40 degree weather to find their cars? Any bunnies or chickies in that mess are clearly dead, and the children are fighting over pieces of coal they can use to warm their hands.

It isn't exactly a "Come visit Canada in the springtime" kind of Easter vacation invite now is it?

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