Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Have Been Wondering.


According to the news that is brought to my desktop every morning - riveting stuff, this falling in the category of "Oh for freaking out loud do I LOOK like I care about this crap?" Kate Middleton's nose is in big demand at the local Plastic Surgeons Office.


Before I go on I should tell you I was practicing Plastic Surgery as a little girl on the farm in the frozen northland and I am not sure what the big whoop is with the whole profession or why they make them even go to school. How much education does it take to get a knife or scissors out and cut up your brother's plastic soldiers?? He did the same to my Barbies. Then you get a match, light a candle and melt them back together again. But NOT the Barbie parts on the soldier .. that would be mad scientist type of domain and you have to act responsibly with these things.

Anyway Kate's nose ... and then there are other parts people want ... Cameron Diaz's legs, Selma Hyack's breasts, Angelina Jolie's lips ...lets get to the point.  How can we let these injustices go on?? 

I suppose if they take these women to court from the plastic surgeons office and the judge charges them with copyright infringement, someone has to repossess the nose in question?  Who gets custody of it?


And worse yet, what if one of these women show up at the same party with the same nose???  Can you imagine the scandal? 

I don't know how anyone sleeps at night anymore.

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