Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's a Jim Dandy of a Day in the Neighbourhood.


I have no idea who Jim Dandy is and why he blesses us with so many awesome things but if I ever find out, I am so going to send him a Hallmark thank you card ... or maybe one of those e-cards with dancing monkeys ... depends which one is cheaper but looks more expensive and like a lot of thought went into it.


I always want to be considered thoughtful.

Because I think a lot.

About thoughtful things.

Like once I worried that my children would grow up without the good sense God gave them. I was afraid I had not packed it carefully enough in their backpacks, or that some kid at school would steal it from them or that one of those underpaid airport worker peoples would take out their bitterness against the man and see it on the x-ray at the airport security and take it, even though they clearly still had their own. (otherwise why would they be working at the airport and stealing stuff when there are all those tv shows with their cameras right?? sheer brilliance!)

I stayed awake for 13 minutes one night tossing and turning over that one and then I decided as long as I got my shrunken head ashtray holders covered with bark and real growing flowers through ... I should thank my lucky stars and not get involved.


I find my children operate best through life when I don't get involved. I just told them I would walk them to school but I didn't want to look like I was interfering or anything ...

SKIN: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Alyss ] - [ Wonderland blonde fair] Group Gift
HAIR:  MrS_TAMARA- 30's retro' hairstyle
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Eggplant Pale v2
LIPSTICK: TIK TOK 20 now called Natural Beauty
EYESHADOW:  Garage Make-up 32 now called Korketa 
BLOUSE:  * Baiastice_Allydora shirt-black
JEWELLERY:  Cae :: Entangled :: Ensemble
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails - Darker Start.
SKIRT:  Indyra Originals Mesh: Memoire' Pencil Skirt Set: Pearls
BELT:  * Baiastice_Ivonne belt-red
SHOES:  Closed Toe High Heels With Buckles NLA
POSES:  Slouch

Ever wonder how my mind works that I come up with all this stuff?? Well ... I have no idea BUT if you enjoy this Blog you might be interested in Bliss/Aria's other blogs - find out more at Intertwingled. Join us on Facebook!
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