Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Life Is Now Complete.


Yesterday as we grabbed the train into downtown Brissy, hubby reached for the door and opened it for me to go through. He is such a gentleman.


The train was basically empty, but immediately 3 young men, about 17 - 19 came from behind, and pushed past me, almost knocking me over, to get on.

You could tell, even from their casual dress style, these were privileged young men. They sat together and immediately pulled out all the latest and greatest electronic gear and put their designer shoes up on the seats so they were nice and comfy. When the security for the train asked them to remove their feet, letting them know the fine was several hundred dollars, the boys laughed amongst themselves and nudged each other saying they would never pay it anyway ... I mean not as accustomed as they were to having mommy and daddy pay for everything and having failed the manners class at their privileged private school (they had an emblem on their gear) ... there was every possibility they had also had difficulty with civic duty, math ... and who knows what else.


Isn't wonderful what good care we take of our youth, holding the doors just for them, even though we are complete strangers and have our own lives and were not even thinking of them that morning when that wonderful, incredible opportunity presented itself for us? Can you hear the angels singing? I still get shivers. I mean in that one moment our lives were just ... just ... validated ... to be able to serve those important young men in some way.

And I bet you thought this was going to be a post condemning the lack of manners of privileged little douche canoes who think the world owes them a living ... didn't you??

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