Friday, March 15, 2013

Skin Fair 2013 Akeruka Manuela

Akeruka Manuela 1

Always been a fan of the smoky sexiness skins from Akeruka.

Akeruka Manuela 2

I always feel like I should be dressed in the finest fashion, elegantly engaged in anything European.

AKERUKA is a fairly new brand owned by KaoZ Koba (EX Creator of Damiani Fashion Design and LaVie) and his partner Agony Helse (RL Artist). Together they produce women and men's skins. Their skins are very sensual and run the full gambit of fashion expression. I noted they have recently added in a couple of role playing skins worth a look at as well.

Akeruka Manuela 3

This years Skin Fair 2013 offering of Manuela is probably one of my favourite of the skins she has done thus far.

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