Friday, March 15, 2013

Skin Fair 2013 Zoul Creations Miu

Zoul Creations Miu 1

Shantia Soulstar brings Miu to Skin Fair 2013 as one of her designs this year.

  Zoul Creations Miu 2

I love her skins. I think they are beautiful, sexy, varied ... really a solid representation of a modern woman. Shantia packs a lot of options in her skin packs with tons of eye shadows and lipstick choices. Skin tones are grouped in lighter and darker with three choices in each.

Make sure you check out her store as well as her booth at the Skin Fair and I think this is a group you will probably want to join.

Zoul Creations Miu 3

Again I want to encourage you to try on as many demos as you can. You don't know how great a skin may look on you until you play with it. I usually try a skin on and leave it for a bit as I do some inventory or something, so that I can get used to it and really be objective about if I like it or not.

It is great to find pics online of bloggers with the skin, but remember a couple of things, they have a different shape, and always be careful of those skin pictures that are heavily Photoshopped. It can really skew your expectation of the skin you are trying and worse, if you buy a skin based solely on those pictures, you will be disappointed because there is no way the skin you buy will ever look like that in SL.   

I think the skin designers do a fantastic job and we need to give them credit for their hard work and let their designs speak for themselves when we are presenting a new skin.   You need to see the skin in fluid motion on YOUR shape.   Try the demos.  You might be surprised what actually looks incredible on you.

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