Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Morning Mind Control.


Every Sunday morning the Biffster and I woke up to some type of religious music blaring on the stereo. My grandfather had a kick ass stereo for being on the prairies in the frozen Northland. The booming from the bass members of the choir bounced the cows 3 miles away in the far north pasture ...


All farmers had to go to church on Sunday's back in the day.  I think they had to show their Sunday School Card in order to get their government wheat prices or something.  No-one likes taking grain from some type of non-religious farmer.  Ewww that would just be sooo wrong. 

Evidently they taught deafness in the Adult Sunday School Class which sadly, I never had the chance to attend because well, I was not an adult for many years and then ... I was an adult on the lamb ... having escaped the prairies.  I think they may have taught that as a way to keep us out of control kids in check.  We were so out of control.  We used to hang out at the cow barn and harass the chickens that would walk by, tipping over bales, and disrespecting the wheat fields.  It is a wonder any of us grew up to do anything respectable. 

Religious music had to be cranked so that we had to use sign language to speak to one another over the breakfast table.


I also think it was the main reason we went to church ... just so we could get in the car, close the doors and hear ourselves think ... oh and plot our escape of course ...

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