Saturday, March 23, 2013

Taking SL Habits to RL.


I think it is funny when you see someone, obviously an SL player, trying to recreate SL in real life. It is like an unspoken code between us. You see them and you nod, and you both know what is really going on.


Like when you are in a furniture shop and someone asks if the bed comes with a sex engine or is looking for the pose balls.

Or you see someone standing in the check up line and they pose and then turn and walk back and then forwards and then stand there and rock their body back and forth a little, running their hand through their hair and then looking at their wrist ... and there is no watch.

Sometimes you see them doing a pre crouch and then leaping into the air in a really elegant pose as if they are going to fly. It always happens when there is a crowd and they seem to want to get to the front of the line. Then they land and they either roll, fall flat on their face or do this elegant "ta da" thing.

Another thing you see them do in crowds is start taking off things like their hair, their falsies, their jewellery. I like the bewildered look on their face when nothing happens but I never laugh because I know this is probably the first day they have had out of SL in a long time and they are probably just confused.

Most of all I like it when I see them wearing impossible heels and dresses that do not stay put for a nanosecond due to the natural laws of nature. I see them hobbling in those shoes wincing with every step, exposing themselves to heck and back, thinking they look amazing ...


They are the easiest SLers to spot because most of them are men ....

SKIN:  **SHINE** Zaria SkinPack/ Pale for Skin Fair 2013
BARETTE:  Eclectica Review Pack- Vintage Barettes
EYES: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Black
LASHES:  Miamai Innocent Lashes
JEWELLERY: (luc) The New Grazia Necklace & Earrings Set gold black  NLA
DRESS:  Kaithleen's Wrinkled Mini Dress Gold for Acid Lily
JACKET:  SpearSong Black Woman's Smoker Jacket for Acid Lily
PURSE:  Pure Poison PP- Shay Spiked Clutch - Black
NAIL:  Candy Nail #P025 Tresor Black
SHOES:  Carmen's Shoes Mallaki  blk/gold
POSE:  Di's Opera

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