Monday, March 11, 2013

THE Big Skin Fair 2012 and How To Prepare You And Your Family.

Yup THE Big Skin Fair is coming up and it is not to be confused with other types of SKIN fairs that involve lots of poses and written permission from your mom.  This is the big one, the one where most women in SL raid their  piggy banks, search their sofa's for spare change, offer to clean out hubby's truck to check for any spare change there, take their girlfriends out to pick bottles out of ditches over the weekends and hold bake sales at the local mall ... to raise funds.

This is THE Fair when my besty Whinter talks to me constantly in a very whiny voice that goes like this, "Has it started yet?  Has it started yet?  Has it started yet?"

So here is the official poster.  You are allowed to drool on it providing your computer screen is water proof.  You can print it out and carry it with you in your purse.  You can fondle it on the train in your pocket.  You can scrapbook it if you feel the need although, unlike previous years, there are no prizes for the best scrapbooked remembrance of the event.  They had to shut that contest down on account of those scrapbook ladies have scissors and hot glue guns and even specialized hole punchers ... and they are not afraid to use them on their competition.

More specific information will follow and you should begin the preparation process by fasting so that we can squeeze as many people as possible into the two sims.  This is one time when you should thank all those models for being so dang skinny and not hate on them quite so much.  In fact, you should hug a model ... Today.  It will completely confuse them and maybe they won't be able to find their way to the Skin Fair and you can get their first. 

As for Lag.  Lag is  BAD.  NO LAG.  They have Lag Police and you will find yourself on a skyrocketing body part singing LALALALALALA should you try to get into the Fair with too much crap on and cause Lag.  We are all going to try and get along for once and be able to move and shop without ricocheting one another off of ball gowns, ginormous breats or the cigarette at the end of your diamond encrusted cigarette holder.  You should  start to take some of those attachments off now.  For some, you will need that much time to get them all off, and for the rest of you, try to get used to a fresher, freer, less encumbered you.   Think of it like you are about to fly somewhere and you are not allowed to take any of that on the airplane with you so you need to get naked and put all your things into plastic trays.  AND don't forget, there are people who will take you in a little room and do strange things to your cheekies if you don't comply.

We all know you are fab.  We Love you fab.  Be fab somewhere else but don't be doing that shit at the Skin Fair. 

Stay tuned for more details.  Multi task though while you wait ... get rid of the attachments and bake some more muffins.  You will be sorry if you do not have more Lindens. 
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