Saturday, March 2, 2013

Things You Do Because You Can.


We put our name on one of those government lists that is supposed to go out to all the telemarketers with a "DO NOT DISTURB" warning. It is pretty good except that there was nowhere on the application form to add the names of friends and family you also wanted to block. I mean when virtual reality comes up with a good idea, we should be able to make it happen in real life.

 I love blocking. Simple and easy ... especially the "they appear only as a cloud." I want that in real life.


But, despite the list, we still get occasional calls, which is amazing when you think about it. They can read all that script they have to memorize but they cannot read the list with your name on it. Unless they use the memorization clapping each word out routine, in which case there would be no reading involved.

On days when we have been marooned in the house for weeks ... it can actually be kind of fun when they call now ... I take it as a sport, a challenge .... how long until I can make them hang-up. Hubby does it by telling them "No, I am not interested" or "No, I do not give out any personal information over the phone." or "No, I never buy anything over the phone." or "No, I am a poor old pensioner and live in a shoebox ..." but where is the fun in that?

Yesterday I had one call and I told her I needed to put her on hold for a moment. She got all bent out of shape and asked me why and I patiently explained this was the part in the relationship where I go and gather the family and the neighbours while she listens to some Barry Manilow Music and we all laugh and laugh about what an idiot she is. I know, I know ... usually it is the company that puts the customer on hold, and they laugh but I was part of a equal opportunity network and this was her opportunity to be equal.  AND she did not even have to give me her credit card details. 

She hung up on me.


I wasn't finished. I was going to tell her, unfortunately I couldn't find the Barry Manilow Music and I hoped a 3 year old playing Twinkle Twinkle on pot lids would do, and also that it would help her get in the mood if she used her crayons to decorate a piece of paper she could tape into a cone so she had party hat like we all did.

The cool thing about talking about someone is that you really don't need the person to be there when you do it. It may even be preferrable.   Regardless, you can still have a party and get the Piñata out.

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