Thursday, March 7, 2013

Those Fleeting Moments.


I was never allowed to wear skirts this short growing up ... well I guess I did when they had built in rubber pants to go over the diaper but I don't think that counts.


You are just a baby and they make your frilly underpants because your parents want everyone to see rows of frilly lace on your butt over top of a diaper, even though they know darn well it makes your butt look huge ...and then when you finally graduate to decent underwear you are supposed to wear skirts past your knees and keep your knees together for fear that anyone ever ever see your underpants and thinks you are a slut. You are supposed to save those for your husband. Then you get married and you try to parade the lace but the football game is on and you are blocking the TV and everyone else tells you to stop wearing short skirts and dress your age.


I just have one question ... where was the part in that story where it was ok to wear the short skirt? Or the frilly underwear? Babyhood? Why the hell didn't someone wake me up so I could savour the moment?

SKIN:  STARS Blair Avatar for SYSP
HAIR:  Elikatira [e] Caramel - Essentials Collection
EYES: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Eggplant Pale v2
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
TOP: SpearSong SS White Woman's Vest and Belly T's for Acid Lily
SKIRT:  Beyond The Stars .:BTS:. Cutesy Mesh Minis - s for Acid Lily
SOCKS: Izzie's - Overknee Socks
SHOES:  HAYSURIZA_Cyndi_(Platform-Strap-pumps Black)
POSES:  V Poses

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