Monday, March 18, 2013

Those Swell Years.


You know how you had some friends growing up that you should never have been allowed to be alone with? It was just kinda like spontaneous combustion?


I had a girlfriend like that. There was no point in us reciting the Lord's Prayer at church .. for a couple of reasons. Firstly they didn't need to worry about anyone leading us into temptation, we found it all by ourselves; and secondly, having everyone else close their eyes and leave us to our own devices was a recipe for disaster. We were the ones who decided that we should drink Grandma's "Hospital Brandy" in fancy dessert glasses with olives and got so sick neither one of us could talk about it for 3 years.

We also figured we could make our own cigarettes and pulled some paper out of our school exercise books, rolled up some grass in it, and lit it on fire and totally inhaled. After we finished coughing, putting the fire out, and making sure we still had lips ...we saw some awesome colours ... and a herd of penguins that were running up the side of the sky and leaping into the cow trough one by one.

We also went half-ers on a 26er of lemon gin for a party and drank it all because who was going to take it home? We ended up trying to crawl "back down" to the floor which was actually the ceiling, which we totally missed on account of we thought it was so cool that we were floating up on "the ceiling" which was actually us unable to get up off the floor.

Eventually we grew up and gained some sense and did what any sensible adult does when they realize how stupid they were as a kid...


Took out restraining orders on each other, changed our names, moved to different cities, and blocked each other on Facebook.

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