Saturday, April 13, 2013

Canadian White.


We Canadians have an affinity with white.


It really contrasts our red noses in winter and our sunburns in summer. We are pasty and damn proud of it! (I mean in a completely humble and self-depreciating kind of proud way of course.)

I went to the doctor here in Australia to get the scoop on the whole skin cancer and thought she should check out my skin cause I had been here a couple of years.  She laughed at me. And so did all the staff. She said I would have to be here for probably another 30 years lying out in the sun every day to worry and then she asked if there is any sunshine in Canada at all. 

Yes there is.  It is just that we tend not to get naked in the 40 below sunshine when the snowdrifts cover the house.

My hubby suggested my white skin acts like a shield against sunlight ... it just bounces off me ... but that was before he saw my red version of my body. He got out the marshmallows and invited friends over. I sat in the middle of the room.


We defiantly wear white way beyond Labour day ... on account of we live in the real world and not Second Life where you can change your skin tone like your clothes. If there was ever a contest for a million dollars and you won it by looking at a room full of naked people and being able to identify the Canadians ... you would be so thankful that we are white and pasty because you would be rich!!!

That is all ... I am done for now. More later on how Hockey has single-handedly made dentists rich, and how to kiss your toothless man.

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma  [:ME:] Azuka Milk Skintone (Spring04)
HAIR:  !*Bliss Hair*! Xaphyre Hair
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POSES:  Morgane Batista (GOB)

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