Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter's Downfall.


I love the chaos of children out of control, frantic parents, and all the cute cute things children tend to do when they overdose on chocolate from Easter.


I love it most when I am safe in my house, watching it from a distance, and none of them are my kids.

Easter break is not as long as summer holidays but in some respects, parents seem to be taking it a lot harder. I think once you suspend all reason and talk about Easter Bunnies handing out eggs chickens lay that are all bright and pretty AND chocolate you have gone beyond the realism barrier that tends to keep children with one foot rooted in sanity. In short, all hell breaks lose.

And it's not like there is an "eggnog" or even a "hot rum" that goes with Easter to help calm parents nerves. At best they get a pack of hot cross buns which, I would like to point out, do not even go well with left over ham.

So I watched the mob of boys run after one another up and down the road this afternoon while one screamed, "I am going to kill you," and the other replied over his shoulder as he ran for his life, "No, only mom can kill us."

Wasn't that cute??


I think I saw mom throw a bunch of chocolate eggs up in the air, jump in her van, and drive away.

I could be wrong ... that might have been the Avon Lady negotiating to be allowed to get out of the neighbourhood.

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