Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello People Canada has Snow!!


If we need more evidence that people are becoming more brain dead with each tick of the tick tocking of a clock, I can provide it.


I cannot tell you how many conversations I have like this: "Oh, an accent, where are you from?"


Head nod.

A few minutes pass, someone says something about snow, I make a comment which makes it pretty clear, I know snow or have seen it, and then the same person says. "OH?? Where have you seen snow?'


Head nod.

Hubby always says the same thing when I tell him, he says, "Did you say anything?"

"Yes, I said I am from Canada."

"No, did you explain that Canada has snow?"

"Look these people have clearly put a lot of time and effort into being that stupid, who am I to interfere with their gifts and talents?"


You know Canada is only the second largest country in the world.  I don't know ... you would think people would know something about us. Yes, we have snow ... hence our flag has white on it ... the red is the blood of the people who ask "From Canada? Where have you seen snow?"

Yes Canadians can get angry ...

...but in a really polite way.

And then we apologize.

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