Thursday, April 18, 2013

Help For the Masses At Your Local Library.


Sometimes I like to get all dressed up like a geek and go to the library and just hang out in the stacks.


I like to set up a little booth way in the back and put out an "information and advice" sign so that people who just come to find a book, or to read, or to study ... get more than what they paid for. People get so tired of pamphlets ... I mean other than folding out what tricks can they do?  It is my service to humanity. Not that it costs anything for them to come to the library but sometimes free things should include more free things on account of what should people with money have all the fun??

People are always doubtful at first but when I start handing out free glasses of wine, they are totally into it, and usually there is a line up of people wanting to know stuff about life and the world and many important things that I am perfectly qualified to advise them on. Of course I have to herd the little kids back to story corner because as cute as they are, I am not going to change their milk from their sippy cups to wine. 

I only fill the sippy cups from the seniors.

You can't have spent your childhood being raised by senior citizens and not have absorbed some of that wisdom. It was in everything they baked and especially the coffee ... and then you double that by being on the prairies of Canada and well ... we don't just raise wheat ... we raise wisdom. Kellogg's missed the boat by not advertising that on their All Bran cereal because All Bran not only makes you regular ... it makes you wise. It's true that no-one has ever done an actual study to find out if it is the wheat that makes you wise, or being regular be really fair on that claim I guess we would have to study a bunch of people in Mensa and see how many, if any, are constipated. 


Well by now you can see how incredibly intelligent I am and understand why my booth is always a run away success at the local library.

I was really hopeful when they cloned Dolly the sheep because lets face it, once they did a sheep, human beings would be a no brainer being as so many humans have identical DNA.  I thought well, they can clone me and I can be here to help the library people forever because I have to tell you, when I think of a world without me being here to help ... I weep man ...

I really weep.

SKIN:  .:*DuCk or SwAn*:.Pedra for Acid Lily
HAIR:  [LeLutka]-BELLE hair/Dark Red
EYES:  IKON Eternal Eyes - Hazel
LASHES:  NIKITA ::  EYE LASHES double density
GLASSES:   Ear Candy  Sexy Librarian Glasses
HAIR PIECE:  [LWL] Arcade Insect Collection Yellow Lady Bug
EARRINGS:  *N@N@* Bag Bee earrings
CHOKER:  ~S.N.G~ Flowered Collar (now Zombie Suicide)
STOCKINGS:  erratic / ripped stockings
PANTS:  Kaithleen's 3/4 Trousers for Acid Lily
TOP:    Colour.Insane for Acid Lily
SHOES:  Lemania Indigo Mary Pickford Shoes

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