Thursday, April 18, 2013

If You Think About It ...(or not ... )


If you really look at Butterflies they have antennae and squiggly legs and are creepy.  They are just bugs in drag.  And let's not forget they used to be caterpillars.


We just forgive a lot because they have pretty wings and they float around in the air gently. That's kinda interesting huh?

Wonder what that says about us and our judgments of things?

I put on my scientist white coat (have to put in the pocket protector otherwise people think you are coming to take them away)and got a spider, held it with some tweezers and attempted to glue gun on some Barbie Wings.

The first spider got kind of lost in the glue and died.

The next one was crushed by the wings and the third one(after I cut the wings down) just looked at me like "you have got to be kidding me?"

Unfortunately the operation was irreversible so I just put him outside next to some butterflies and hoped they might play with him.

They didn't. They flew away.

The moths might take him in.

I am not hopeful though because I still did not like the spider even though when I threw him up in the air he did kind of float and look pretty. Grandma always said you could not make a silk purse out of a sows ear which is evidence both of there being sicker people than me a long time ago AND that you probably cannot make a butterfly out of a glue-gunned spider.


Now I am waiting for someone to try it on snakes.

 I am not hopeful and I am not going to offer to help.

I have a feeling that a snake and a hot glue gun might result in an angry bitey snake and everyone knows those will not make good butterflies.

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