Wednesday, April 3, 2013



Language is a funny thing. You can be speaking the same language in another country and convey something else entirely.


When hubby and I lived in Canada he wanted to start up an Aussie Rules Football team and he could not figure out why the "young blokes" were not more enthused.  So, the next time he was trying to convert a bunch of guys at the university, I eavesdropped on the conversation where he was enthusiastically telling them they would get team "jumpers" and there would be lots of "carnivals."

Good thing I was there to save him.


I had to explain they would be getting a jersey/uniform and playing lots of tournaments .... not getting a dress and attending the circus.

Thus began my travels as my husband's interpreter.

Explaining him should qualify me for some kind of humanitarian award.

SKIN:  [eStyle] Agate Skin Platinum
HAIR:  Elikatira [e] Rhythm
EYES:   IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
EARRINGS:  Exodi Bailey's Pearl Drops
NECKLACE:  [ glow ] studio - Scarf Necklace (white
PURSE:  [ AYUMI ] Slinky Swimwear - Handbag
OUTFIT:  Fashion Point Plaid Dress
BOOTS:   Mirror's Enigma  [:ME:] Jen's Ankle Shoes Black

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