Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Missing the Farm.


Sometimes I just find myself waxxing nostalgic (don't ask me what that means I have no idea but when you are doing nostalgia you are supposed to wax ... ya who knew ... grandma was years ahead in the personal hygiene department.)


So when I feel that way I find myself wandering down to the creek and leaning over the fence and looking longingly at the neighbours paddock and calling softly into the wind .... "Fluffffffy.... oh Fllllllufffffffyyyy. Here Fluffy. Come on Fluffy, come to mama ...."

But the cows just look at me like I am some kind of loser or something.

They don't speak Canadian and they never met "Fluffy." Hubby told me I should be careful. There could be a snake named "Fluffy," and I would not like it if he answered the call would I?

I think it is a trick to keep me from hanging over the fence and bothering the neighbours ... mainly because he doesn't like the idea of people shooting at me and all those stray bullets coming into the yard.

Normally I trust what he tells me but come on .... a snake named "Fluffy?"

Pffft get real!


That snake would be cuddling with someone somewhere like all animals named "Fluffy" do.

That's what I miss most about my cow "Fluffy," . . .  all those wonderful afternoons just cuddling.

SKIN:  Glam Affair - Margot - America
 EYES:   IKON  'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
LASHES:  ::.Kitty-Lashes.::
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PURSE:  welldone.atelier /  Clutch /  red
JEWELLERY:  Pure Poison  PP- Onyx MeiMei Jewelry Set
DRESS:  (Kunglers ) Gisele dress - white
SHOES:  (Kunglers) Morgana pumps - Metallic heel - Scarlet

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