Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One of Those Kind of Nights.


I am thinking about getting drunk  chemically whacked tonight being as it is going to hail like crazy and things have been getting weird here.

Like is the sky supposed to be green??


If tonight is like the last few nights then I wanna be prepared.  Pass the wine please ... no need for a glass ... just give me the bottle.

First of all we had the night where something was thumping around on top of the house and then jumped down to the ground and then was banging on the screen door. 

I would have screamed but I didn't want to wake hubby up ... being as he was sleeping so peacefully.  He might as well have a good night's rest before he has to get up and call the police to tell them we have both been murdered in our sleep.

The next morning he tells me that he has cut all the bushes and trees back around the house so it is impossible for any kind of animal to get up there other than a bird but this bird would have had to have been like a prehistoric size of a bird unless ostriches can fly now and one happened by that night.  He suggests maybe a frog jumped up or a fruit bat.  Because you know the ground shakes when frogs leap and fruit bats like to run along the roof and then jump to the ground before they fly at doors and bang into them being as they don't have sonar or anything.

Then the next night as I went to bed there was this deep rumbling sound like thunder off in the distance except it never changed and it went on and on. Hubby said he could not hear it (he has some hearing damage) so I was trying to describe it to him and he is telling me it is a motorcycle or a big truck like I have no idea what those sound like.

I love that he argues with me . . . he has NO IDEA what he is talking about because HE DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING and he is arguing with me WHO CAN HEAR it, about what it is????

How does that work?

I am trying to explain to him that it is a deep rumbling that fills the whole space outside, it is like it comes from the bowels of the earth and he starts laughing at me and wants to "assure me" he will protect me from the bowels.  I told him I did not think it was funny at all. We are going to end up going into the wilds of Australia and somewhere in the middle of nowhere we are going to be killed. He is not even going to be able to hear someone coming to kill us and I am going to be on my own. I had tears in my eyes as I envisioned my death. 

He was rolling on the floor at this point.

I tell him they never caught that guy from Wolf Creek.

Hubby tells me we aren't going to Wolf Creek.

He missed the point.   They looked in Wolf Creek for that killer and he clearly was not there!!    No-one knows where he is except he is NOT in Wolf Creek.  We should be going to Wolf Creek.  We would be safe there.  That guy will be where we end up going and I will be alone hearing him coming to kill us in a tank with the radio blaring some acid rock and hubby is either going to be asleep or  arguing with me that it is just a frog  . . . or maybe a fruit bat.


And now it is going to hail and it will probably be some freak storm and he is going to say he can't see the baseball size stones or hear them smashing through the house.

And I am going to be too drunk to care. 

Drunks always end up miraculously surviving.

I am a survivor.

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