Monday, April 15, 2013

Shag Carpets.


People laugh at the 70's and some of the colour and fashion choices but you have to give it over to those shag carpets. I mean what was not to love?


You could have an entire sandbox of dirt in there and it would all just settle down there ... somewhere....

Kids were well fed ... even if mom never fixed dinner ... there was always something left over down there.

You didn't even really have to vacuum ... you could just rake it ... yup ... you vacuumed and then raked. If you were really lazy you just raked it and then picked up the stuff it pulled out in piles.


My aunt lost a couple of kids though ... always wonder what happened to them and if they ever found their way out ...

SKIN:  ::WoW Skins::. Rosa sunkissed
HAIR:  Vanity Hair: Emo
EYES:   IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
LASHES:  Silhouette Lashes Babydoll NLA
JEWELLERY:  *ByKay* ~ Aizza (Set)
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails - Satin Gold
DRESS:  [LeeZu!] Oxford Dress Vairant
SHOES:  418 Bended Patent *FJ Design*
POSES:  Morgane Batista (GOB)

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