Saturday, April 27, 2013

Suede, the Romance of it All.


We all had to have suede purses with fringes, and suede vests with fringes ... because we were kids ... living on the fringe ... of suede???


Nothing went better with a peasant dress than a fringed suede bag and bell bottom jeans absolutely kicked ass with a fringed vest.

Not many of the country kids were hippies.

We were too busy trying to be polite while we combined the fields of wheat and milked the cows. Perhpas some felt that it was a travesty to wear suede considering we depended so much on the cow. I think they probably were subconsciously protesting from wearing "cow" as if they were that insignificant as to be relegated to a mere purse or a vest. I bet at lots of barbeques around the country while they ate their hamburgers and turned the steaks over on the coals, they really felt the need to give the cows a voice amidst the crazed, drugged induced, love fest of the out of control, unbathed and unbra-ed youth ....

I am pretty sure that is what is was all about.


Either that or the local tractor and hardware store just were late getting suede fringed purses and vests in.

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma  [:ME:] Croix Light Skintone
HAIR:  [kik]Ria II (black
EYES:   IKON  'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
LASHES:  ::.Kitty-Lashes.::
EARRINGS:  aDIVA Couture Misses Jones  NLA
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails  - Drow
TOP:  The Secret Store - 3D Rose Sweater - Carbon
SKIRT:  The Secret Store - Pencil Skirt - Nougat
PURSE:  The Secret Store - Girly briefcase - Black
SHOES:  {{BSD Design studio }}Fierce model - raw blk
POSES:  Morgane Batista

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