Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Rosie Posie Blog Blogger Memes and Really Truthful Answers.


This is my first Blogger Challenge/meme and this one is from The Rosie Posie Blog.   It is part of the great new group/website/directives from Blogging SL gods and legends called SL Blogger Support.  It is a one stop shop for all your blogging needs and they will even come over to your house and fit your home with blogging aids to help you get out of the bathtub and stuff.

I am already fighting the demons on this one ... there is the nice demon who says "play nice" and sounds annoyingly like my grandmother and then there is the "fun demon" who can barely be heard over the loud music, the goats screaming at the penguins, and guests having a good time asking me "why change the bad habits of a life time?"  I was going to let them mud wrestle it out for supremacy but not sure it would be fair, grandma having a walker and all ... that thing really hurts when she throws it at you.

So ... I am going to close my eyes and answer...

1. What is the thing you fear most in the world above dying(that is if you fear death)? Getting into an accident without clean underwear on ... I have no idea what actually happens but the way my grandmother carried on about it, it must be bad.  I think they check at the scene of the accident, just before they put you in the ambulance, and if your underwear is not clean enough they put you back inside the car and leave you there ... oh and call your grandmother ....

OK OK ... ummm ...afraid of ever becoming hardened to the point where I lose my ability to feel compassion, to not be able cry for others, to not be moved by the needs of my fellow man.

2. When’s the last time you sat down and contemplated where your life was going, and what did you concluded from that?   I have accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to in my life as far as personal goals and I am very fortunate to live a fairy tale type of life with the most incredible man.  Now life is about giving back, learning, having experiences as we travel, meeting people, etc.  I am incredibly blessed and happy.  Nothing ever happened the way I thought it would and I certainly did not count on so much pain along the way but it is all good and yes, I take time every day to remember that.  I think you have to have the contrast to really appreciate.

3. If you could give any one person in the world a wish, a wish you knew you could grant, what would it be, and why would you give it to them?  I wouldn't.  I wouldn't because wishes should be your soul's desire and part of life is coming to the understanding that you are powerful enough to make your own wishes come true. We spend too much time looking outside of ourselves for happiness and completion instead of within ourselves where the real power lies.

4. Cat, dog, rabbit, horse, chicken, dolphin? There are so many animals in the world, if you could be one, and had to think, act, be like one, with out human thoughts, emotions, perception of the world, which would you be, and why? I am sure many people would argue for the Jack Ass lol.   I have no idea except to say maybe a bird simply because SL has got me kind of accustomed to flying and my own attempts to make wings in real life has not been so successful and has resulted in me being banned from climbing up on roofs anymore and jumping.

5. Today is the last day you’ll ever see your family. Some you may love, some you may hate, other you may not have any emotional attachment to. What would you do?  The same I do every day.  I refuse to live my life without regard for the fact I only really have this moment and therefore I need to live in a way that minimizes damage in case I am not here tomorrow to fix it.  I suck at that sometimes.  But I do make the effort to talk to my family and to be involved in their lives.  I do have family I do not see and I will not see for very serious reasons and I am fine with that.  I love them in the greater sense of the word, but they are not a part of my life for a reason and my dying will not change that.

6. Given the chance to travel to one country -ONLY – in your whole life, other than the one you’ve grown up in, or have found yourself living in (pretend you’ve gone to no other country in the world other than the one you now call home) where would it be? Why, and for how long?  Iceland.  I would love to explore the spiritual history of it ... I would stay as long as it took.

7. Quick you have to pick 5 things to take with you as you are rushing out of the house- you don’t know what’s happening, where you’re going, whom is taking you where, or why, but you do know you can carry about 5 things, in the small bag you’ve given to take with you. What do you choose? Mare you kidding me??  Clean underwear of course ... to slip on while we wait for the ambulance ....

Probably my party dress, some great perfume, make-up, toothbrush, my credit card so I can pay for my shout and my hubby ... a good time is not a good time without him.  He can carry my small bag ... and his .. which will also have the clean underwear in i.  He is good about giving up his space for me lol.


8. You’re sitting in a dream, you can tell you’re dreaming, but you’re not awake enough to move. What do you see? Is anyone there? (be creative, make something up, or recall a dream you had before) My fear would be it would be one of those girls from Jr. High sitting on my chest and holding one of the dead mice I threw at them that day and that someone answered Question 3 with her name and revenge was the wish ....

OK ...There would always be someone there with me, most likely some kind of a higher presence and we would joke and laugh and talk and have the best time because I think they probably get tired of having to always come up with something profound and wise and would probably just enjoy a glass of wine and some good laughs.  They would have to hold the wine to my mouth to drink though of course ... or get me a straw or something support at its finest!!

9. What color do you think you are?  Blush Pink.  Probably because my whole life I was surrounded by it.  First my grandparents, every time I did something, then my hubby, then my kids and now grandkids.  I am an intergenerational Blush Pink kinda girl ... spreading my gift all over the place.

10.  If when it came to blogging, if you blog, no one say your blogs, no one commented, no one noticed, no one cared, at all, would you keep blogging? Are people supposed to read what you write???

The only person I have to answer to is within me.  I do what I do because it is the right thing for me to do, whether that is a creative endeavour or even helping someone else.  I work hard to disconnect from the need of approval from others.  If approval comes it is a wonderful bonus and if not, it doesn't matter because I write (like I do many things) because I enjoy it.  I laugh.  I cry.  I think when I am writing.  I have learned a lot with the photographs and have miles to go but am enjoying the process.  There is no "goal" just the process and what it brings to me in the moment so by that same token, if it was gone tomorrow, I would be fine.  I would just find something else to address the need within to write, to create, etc.

OK that is me Bliss Windlow of Blissimo.  If you have any questions or want to draw me a picture or something please feel free.  Oh and I like cake.

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