Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Waiting for Dinner.


There we sat, dinner was finally on the table, all the family gathered around at Easter/Christmas/Thanksgiving/4-H Steer of the Year/Whatever with all your favourite dishes and you could not wait to dig in.  Your mouth was watering, your brothers mouth was watering and grandma already had her teeth in and ready to go.  And then someone would say, "Wait, Wait!  We have to say grace!" 


And everyone would have to bow their head and some tattle tale would tell on someone whose eyes were not closed tight and their head not bowed and then there would be the argument of "how would you know that unless your head was not bowed and your eyes were opened" and the pot and the kettle would scream, and the parents would insist everyone close their eyes and then there would have to be a grace period while a responsible adult checked to make sure.  After the "all clear" pronouncement someone would be asked to say prayer and it would always end up being "Aunt Maude," even though you had already fervently been pre-praying "please please God don't let it be Aunt Maude."

And Aunt Maude would start recapping the entire worlds history since her last family prayer, doing the thank-you's and letting the Lord know we had noticed what was happening, and then the requests for family, friends, neighbours and people we drove by on the street or stood next to in a grocery line once.

And an hour would pass.

And mom's famous green bean casserole would get cold and congealed and you stopped drooling and grandma had taken her teeth back out and dropped them in Grandpa's water, while Uncle Bob had actually left the table and was watching the football game in the other room.

But that was back in the day.  Now, people are not so big on the praying ... and if they are ... it is brief and many people are already dishing up anyway, without teeth, and in front of the TV, watching the football game.  But before you go patting each other on the back on our apparent evolution as human beings you should think about the cost of modern technology.  

Even atheists have to wait while everyone at the table pulls out their cell phones and takes pics of the food set on the table, then dished out on their plate, and then half eaten. You have to photograph it, think of something incredible to say, and then get it onto social media somewhere because you know the whole world is dying to know what you are having for lunch.


There is even a Pinterest category for green bean casserole and people write things like "WOW" and "mmmm,"   because people have replaced God with food in their esteem.

We love our food.  And we love to share our food ... well not the actual food ... just the pictures of our food.  It is very spiritual and social of us.  A good enough picture of our food and people envy us and weep over their ramen noodle lunch.  It is a status symbol.  We don't share our real photos but we certainly share our food.

And sometimes, we even find a picture of God IN the green bean casserole and somewhere up there both God and mom smile and high five one another.

Now that is progress.

In a totally socially networked kind of way ....

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