Saturday, April 20, 2013

When Birds Lose It.


I have been accused of being neurotic and insane so why wouldn't we have insane wildlife around our house?


I like to think of it as a "home." You know the animals probably try to go to other places but the word gets out ... over to Bliss's place, she is as whacked as you are and you are safe to totally give into your neurosis and well ... just have a good time.

So our little bird that lost it on the window the other day, pecking at it, has now developed OCD. He is at the window constantly. He brought his friends, he tap tap taps endlessly and even if we try to block his reflection, talk to him sternly, or get up close and personal ... he will not be deterred. Now he flies around the house to find out where we are so he can make sure he taps on THAT window.

Does not want us to miss out on the joy of his insanity.

At least he always has a couple friends with him ... not sure if they are lauging at him, their for his protection, or filming a documentary on "When Birds Go Mad."

But I love him just the same as all my other little birds . . .


(Ok I lied ... I am going insane. Make it stop!!! Please God no more tapping!)

SKIN:   Dulce Secrets  Iriel
HAIR AND HAT:  *ARAI* & **Dura** Nakano hat(Black hat)
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes - Aegean
MAKE-UP:  Pink Acid  Plumped Lippy Lips V2 + Teeth + Lashes - Red For XY
JEWELLERY:  *Ticky Tacky* Banjee Girl Jewelry Set - Steel
SKIRT:  LavandaChic  *Belted MiniSkirt for  Acid Lily
LEGGINGS:  A&A Fashion Leggins Black
BOOTS:  Bang Bang (NLA)
LOCATION:  Lollygagger Lane

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