Friday, May 3, 2013

A Woman in Uniform.


I don't think men get as turned on with a woman in a uniform as women do with a man in a uniform. I could be wrong. I doubt it though.


Women like a uniform on a man because it is amazing to see a man in pressed clean clothes. That is my theory. I am big on theories. Then you have to test the theory to prove or disprove it and regardless of the outcome when you tell people you have theories and you test them, people think you are amazingly intelligent ... or they should.

So I asked hubby to get dressed up in a nicely pressed dress and go out around a bunch of ladies and tell me if any of them hit on him. Theoretically if it is the cleanliness and the pressing ... it should not matter that it is a dress and not a uniform right??

I am sorry to report that my theory was disproved.


Not because the women rejected the neat creases, but because hubby never showed up.

He just is not as committed to science as I am.

He wouldn't put the dress on.

He tried to comfort me by telling me he was turned on whether I had a uniform on or not but that just confuses the whole issue.

He needs to wear the dress.

Science demands the dress.

It is a hard task master.

SKIN:  AKERUKA Manuela skin
HAIR:  "LoQ Hair" Tiramisu
 EYES:   IKON  'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
LASHES:  Kitty
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PANTS:  Sweetest Goodbye[SG*] 4Minute - Pants/ Black now called Monso
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails  - Drow
SHOES:  Rose River Saloon  *RRS* Domina  Black Gator
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