Friday, May 24, 2013

Donations Gratefully Accepted.


I believe in giving back. We should all be engaged in doing something to help the world, to make it a better place ...


Which is why I offered to donate my brother's body to science. I figure, you know, he is not using it, and I am sure that there are a number of agencies that would like to know what made him tick, or at the very least they can use it to practice things on, or to help some doctor somewhere pass that last exam before being given the keys to the kingdom.

(you may wanna get some hankies for this next paragraph, oh .. and if anyone in the office knows how to play violin, have them play something, otherwise a group of them humming can also achieve a nice effect)

I think that would be a nice feeling, a comfort to everyone that was ever involved with my brother, to know that he was involved in that kind of benevolence ... the gift that keeps on giving. Think about it, his body helps new doctors and science and those doctors and that science helps others to help others and maybe some of them donate their bodies and it is just a ton of ripples in a pond that could end up looking like a torrential downpour that floods over into all of humanity and maybe even heals us.

But be aware there is some red tape involved even in the kindest of benevolent offers ...


. . . like evidently the person has to be dead before you offer to donate their body.

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