Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Door to Door.


I feel so bad when little kids come to my door and bat their baby blues at me and ask me to buy something.


Some people think kids go around and make up their sob stories just to try and get money but you only have to look at their innocent little faces to know they are telling the truth. I have a cupboard full of things from kids that we don't eat or use, but hopefully the kids had a good time at camp or got to play football with their new uniforms or equipment.

I don't have any problem saying no to the adults who come around and ask me to buy things.


It's not like I listen to what they have to say. They have shifty eyes and completely un-innocent faces. I usually say "no thanks" and close the door before they get their spiel out.

Pfft like some of those old people are going to play football at camp anyway.

Nice try liar liar pants on fire.

They probably are just trying to get money to play bingo.

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