Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Was Up And Running This Morning.


Had to get down to a Government Office first thing this morning and let me just say ... when that happens you have to be up, shower and shaved and perfumed and coiffed well in advance of the opening hour.  I have to say that when your government can't figure out what time their offices open ... it does not leave one with an overall sense of "she'll be right" when it comes to .... I don't know ... matters of life and death???


I find myself wrestling with a couple of questions .... was it an individual faux pas or a group effort?? Is it that someone doesn't know how to read, to tell time ....or maybe how to type or use the internet??? Perhaps it was an epic group fail ... everyone got lost on their way to the office or they could not figure out, between the dozen of them or so, how to unlock the front door.

Maybe when a group of people work together long enough in a government office all their IQ's are lowered to a very low and equally unresponsive quantity (or lack thereof of lack ... lots of lack ... thereof ...).

What do you say when someone working in that office smiles at you, after you have waited outside with a mob of 230 of your newest friends on account of you are bonded by the fact you can all clearly read, tell, time, work the internet and drive ... oh and the new swear words you all learned sharing them while you waited, for an hour??? 

I mean acting like nothing is wrong and asking, "May I Help you?" just seems wrong on so many levels.


Laughing hysterically like and clapping your hands like a seal at the same time trying to get out  "I seriously doubt it" is not a good answer.

They take your numbers away from you, rip it up, send you to the back of the line and tell you to get another number.

Clearly when government makes glaring errors they fully expect you to look the other way.   They don't even offer heirloom mags to wait ...

I will have to make sure I wear blinders the next time I have to go to the office . . . once the restraining order is lifted ... I don't handle change or stress well ...

I didn't mean to bite that one lady who got ahead of me in line ...

I was hungry.

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