Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's True Nature Teaches Us So Very Much.


Yesterday I saw a posting about a "pet" bird. It is a bird that lives in the wild here in Australia which of course means that someone, somewhere decided they should fly it across the ocean, probably clip its wings and put it in a bird cage to spend its life ... oh of course except for the times when it gets to sit on its owner shoulder for a treat. I am pretty sure bird pee their pants when that happens ( I mean if they had pants which is a distinct possibility for a "kept" bird these days.)


I know if I was a bird I would feel really honoured that I had been chosen to be company for a human being because I am pretty sure all birds hatch and look at their moms and dads and all the birds flying around them and start thinking, "ok, ya nice stuff but what I was really hoping for was a cage and a human. Who needs to fly?? Look at those cows ... they are perfectly happy not flying ... they have nice big truck chauffers that pick them up like a party wagon and drive them places that must be such fun ... they never come back."

That is where I would be for sure.

If I was a a bird.

Anyway the poor bird was practically bald. Hubby says it is what birds do when they are stressed. It is like an avine cry for help.


I suddenly have a whole lot more compassion for bald men everywhere.

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