Friday, May 31, 2013

Jo-Anne Cool.


A good pair of sunglasses are almost capable of being worn without any accessories such as clothes.


As my grandmother used to say, "it is the mystery that compels us." She may have been talking about Agatha Christie or something but I know she used it once when sharing with me that she preferred clothes to the naked body because imagination is much more powerful than the obvious. I am not sure why she shared that and I really wished she had not because if you think it is weird thinking of your parents as sexual beings, it gets even weirder with the next generation. She had been so committed to the cows as my examples for all the sex-ed slide shows ... not sure why she deviated that day.

A person wearing sunglasses could mean that the person has pink eye and is highly contagious and stupid and did not understand what the whole paragraph about quarantining themselves until healed meant. Not much mystery in stupidity.

Or you could say not knowing what lies behind the sunglasses can be really exciting. You look at the beautifully crafted, mirrored surfaces, captivated and wondering about the person on the other side, imagining that their eyes are hidden so as to hide their appreciating you while you appreciate their sunglasses except that you are really appreciating them possibly appreciating you ... if you get what I mean ... is all about the mystery ...


I think that is what my grandmother meant . . . after you establish the health of the person's eyes and their IQ.

Whatever she meant it did not apply to me.

I like sunglasses on other people because I can admire myself in the mirrored glass and damn ... I look good.

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Chanell
HAIR:  [taketomi]_Neo_
EYES:  IKON Destiny Eyes - Midnight
LASHES:  Hush  Lashes
HAT:  Floppy Hat Lime
SUNGLASSES:  So Many Styles  SMS Deco Glasses Seagreen
BRACELETS:  Maxi Gossamer - Boho Bangles - Laquered Turquoise and Silver
PURSE:  Dark Mouse Beach Bag
TOP:   Color Insane  C.I Long Top for Acid Lily
LEGGINGS:   Color Insane C.I Leggings Turquoise for Acid Lily
SHOES:  CS Design - High Heels M15
LOCATION:  Mau Loa Romance
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