Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maybe The Giant Really Was Not That Friendly.


I watched The Friendly Giant when I was little. We didn't have the internet or an evolved Disney to give us all kinds of permeations of imagination and so our giants came to us via "children's programming" that the execs at CBS sat down and thought about and produced - hence the 'Friendly Giant,' his friend 'Jerome' the giraffe, and 'Rusty' the Rooster. (pic here)


We were wrapped in it.

We were the children of the prairies and anything above playing with a stick and wheel was a big deal.

He had little tiny chairs and a fireplace for us to sit in while he read us stories. Oh, and he played a recorder. Talk about heavy production numbers.

I must admit most of the action took place in our minds.

My brothers mind was off roaming the castle fighting knights and slaying dragons. I was princessing in the gardens with princes on white horses esthetically placed strtegically around me.

We were a gentle gentle generation, yet to discover Pac Man and call waiting.


And then it all went to hell in a handbasket.

Proving once again that even Friendly Giants, and Magical talking giraffes, and roosters are useless in the fight against stupidity. It is just in our genes and while we might be momentarily entertained into sitting in little tiny chairs by a fireplace in a castle somewhere far away in fantasy land ... we eventually find our way back to Walmart and the cheetos.

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