Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day Thoughts.


I always feel guilty on Mother's day. I wish I could be more like the Mom's who march right up to sit in the VIP seats and accept their awards and accolades but ya ...no ... not me ....


I always feel like a woman winning first place at the quilting fair who looks at her quilt and sees all the marks left with the dirty finger prints, and the unpicked marks still visible to her, the place where the scorch mark from the iron is still kind of visible and that blood stain that didn't quite come out but blends with the floral pattern ... and feels like a fraud. There is always that fear that you did not really deserve the award and they just did not look closely enough and when you look at the other quilts ... you feel like such a loser. (I have no idea how I know this, I swear it has never happened to me, I just made it up and it sounded plausible. Please just use your imagination and go with it. In fact, get out a pic of your Aunt Mabel who quilts and pretend it is her that just said that stuff.)

On mother's day I look at my kids and I see the "blood stains" and the "scorch marks" and the other "flaws," because I sometimes was not paying close enough attention, hurried, or just made a bad judgment call. I look at other people's kids and think they did a much better job and that really, those cards and poems about "mom you are the swellest mom, you are pretty and nice and not even dumb ..." should be slapped out of my hands.

I don't deserve cute kittens with bows in a basket on a genuine Hallmark Card.


And then I remember that Santa never figured out that I should have been on the "naughty list" every Christmas, and I got swell gifts every year and I had not been struck down by lightning and I was even allowed to play the donkey once and sit next to Baby Jesus in nativity pageant and no-one died so maybe they made allowances for people known to leave blood stains and scorch marks on their quilts . . . and their kids . . . and their brother.

Like they lowered the bar for me or something.

So this year I am sitting on the front lawn, on a throne, and recieving children ... anyone's children ... well just the ones who have gifts ... from 9- 4 on Sunday. Make them good gifts. I am so worth it!

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma [:ME:] Croix Light Skintone
HAIR:  Alli and Ali Zafrina Hair
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes - Aegean
EARRINGS:  Indy&Co .: Briolette Drop earrings: Blush
BLOUSE:  ~Sassy!~ Intrigue blouse - pink
SHORTS:  .Shi : Hive Highwaist Shorts
BELT: aDiva antique Silver belt
SHOES:  [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps(Soft Blush)
POSES: NiQotine
LOCATION:  Black Kite

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