Sunday, May 5, 2013

Parents Today Have Things So Much Easier.


This is a new story in the line of "I had to walk 3 miles to school each day - barefoot in the snow - uphill both ways ..." because I think after you tell that 400 times the kids kind of tune you out. I could be wrong on this but I think that is what the eye rolling and fingers in their ears signify.


I have even shown them a box I keep that has black round stubs in it and tell them that I used to have much longer toes and I was destined to be a world famous foot model before the cold cruel Canadian Winter took me prisoner and held me hostage, sending back bits and pieces of me in the ransom demands that it made to my grandparents. (that didn't actually happen, I got the idea from watching Criminal Minds on TV, but it did keep the children listening to me for retellings 327 - 389.)

Now I tell my kids how hard it was to be a parent when they were little. We had to drive and swat at them in the back seat when they were all over the place and could climb into the back and onto the floor. We really hurt our arms sometimes and seldom connected.  It was incredibly dangerous to have your "targets" loose like that.  We had to go to special classes to train us in back seat smacking dangerous and unrestrained "targets" while still maintaining control of a speeding vehicle.


They have no idea how hard it was being as today they have the "targets"  all seat buckled into place making it much easier to find them and swat them .  Of course back then we weren't arrested for trying to keep one child from performing surgery on another child's nose with a can opener with physical force like happens today.

I guess we were just immune to this "creative spirit" that they keep saying we are harming when we tell a child "no."

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