Friday, May 31, 2013

Sittin' On The Dock by The Slough.

Yes, some people had lakes ... we had sloughs ....
We were quite bitter about the whole situation.
Sloughs are places where the water gathered and never drained ... and it stayed there for years and years and years ... you can only imagine how great that water was and the smell ... heavenly!  Even the cows refused to walk through them because contrary to what you might think ... cows are very discerning as to where they put their feet ... or their noses ... and even their deposits. They never actually told me that, but I could sense it.
Sloughs are only good once the water freezes and you can skate on them ... but then it is kinda hard to get pictures of sunsets and pretty girls in shorts on account of they end up frozen and lie around the ice in humps that are tough to get over when you are skating or snowmobiling.
You can go to them in the summer, there aren't any slough police cows or anything patrolling the areas but it is kind hard to get through the hoards of black flies that hover around them.  I mean once you lose the sun, you can wander for days and not know where you are.
This is probably the main reason why people from Saskatchewan don't stay in Alberta but keep going right on over to BC. Alberta Beef is fantastic but no-one cares once they see the sloughs.  A slab of meat can only distract you for so long.  We tried to point to the mountains and show them our wild roses but na ... those damn sloughs .... they killed us.
You can cry now if you want to.
This is another sad sad story of the hardships of growing up on the prairies.
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