Friday, May 10, 2013

The Beach A Fun Place to Go ... Except Then You Have to Come Home.


I like going to the beach. I like being at the beach. I just don't like coming home from the beach.


Mainly because the beach insists on coming with you and no matter how hard you try you carry the sand with you. I also don't like how hot the sand gets and how much there is of it between you and the car when it is time to go home ... with the hours that have passed between when you got there and when you leave to go home.

And the Australians all walk along like they have genetically modified feet that are not burning ... it is either that or there is some ritual involved with the drinking of copious amounts of beer, carrying on like a porkchop, and salt water that will one day be in some spiritual acts of the ancient next to fire walking.

I also don't like the way I scream when I walk back to the car or the way I run. I have become accustomed to running prettily with my avatar and it is kind of a let down to look like a complete tool in real life.


The only comfort is that I am so completely white and run so fast (at least in my mind) that I probably appear as just a blur or white light and most people think they just had some religious experience or something.

This could explain why there are so many candles and gift baskets outside my door all the time.

OK probably not ...

Is it wrong to keep things with notecards saying "Hilda, so sorry to hear about your hyseterectomy, Get well soon," ... I mean when they go so perfectly with my decor?

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Viola Deeptan
HAIR:  Alli and Ali  Hair Mara
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes - Aegean
LASHES:  Belleza 
JEWELLERY:  Phoebe's Piercings  *P* Orion Jewelry Set 1 ~14 Gems~ for Acid Lily 
OUTFIT:   Indyra  Originals Mesh - Buena Boho Beach Set Pink
LOCATION:  Baja Norte
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