Monday, May 20, 2013

The Secret of the Apple.


I gave a teacher an apple once. I had no idea why but I I saw one of the Brady Bunch wingnuts do it and it worked so I figured I was so far down the hole, it couldn't hurt. I put my best Marcia Brady outfit on, straightened my hair and gave it a go.


My brother, the Biffster who looked more like Alice than any of the Brady boys, and was never one to be outdone, observed this effort on my part and decided that he should ask the grandparental units if we could have the teacher over for dinner.

I kid you not.

He asked to have a teacher over to dinner. I think he might have thought that he was incredibly endearing in his farm clothes or something and that she would be so taken with his cuteness she would immediately give him great marks.

I could have saved him a lot of trouble and told him a few things...

... like the apple got me nowhere, why waste fried chicken?    Also he was not that cute in his farm clothes, I knew, I saw him every night. AND bad marks might seem like the end of the world but believe me ... being considered a complete loser by everyone else in the class was far far worse.

Of course he was sure that no-one would ever find out.

They did.

I think I may have mentioned it to one or two people ...


I also looked really cute in my non-farm clothes.
SKIN:  *League* Skin Aria Golden -Glam
HAIR:  TRUTH Hazel -
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes - Brown
LASHES:  Hush  Lashes
BLOUSE:  *Linc* Cashmere Top Shortsleeves Black
SWEATER:  [dirty.little.secret] :: AL Fleur Cardigan
SKIRT:  Kaithleen's  Pleated Skirt Black
BOOTS:   MV Derezzed Boots Vitae
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