Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Test.


I don't think men get it. They just are not paying attention.


When a woman says something derogatory about themselves, it is not a statement of fact. Even if it is, it is not ... do you understand? Women like to present little tests, to see if you really love them. Everything is about "do you really love me?" Don't be trying to get away with saying things like "I really love you." THAT is simple. Women want much more complex evidence.

What is more they prefer something that others see as well so that there are witnesses. Women need witnesses, why do you think we have girlfriends when we really hate each other and can't stand anything we do??

So when a women says something like "I guess I am getting old/ugly/fat (add in anything here)" you must never ever ever answer anything that sounds like you are agreeing. You must never accidentally nod your head or grunt in a manner that implies agreement.

You must leap to your feet, vehemently deny that your beloved is anything but beautiful/perfect/looks so much younger than her years (add in anything here don't worry about believability on account of none of this has anything to do with rationality)

And then you should give her money to go shopping or something.

You will have passed the test.


And lived to tell the tale.

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