Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To Fur or Not to Fur. When Should One Fur?


I am completely against wearing fur.


I mean if you got it off of road kill, that is a different matter all together.

Maybe what they could do is have roadkill certification.

That is where you flag down 3 passerbys and have them certify that 300 foxes were accidentally hit by some car and are indeed dead and unsaveable and you are going to skin them and use the fur to make yourself a coat. Take lots of pictures.

Then you skin them and wave down three more passerbyers and have them certify that they saw exactly 300 skinned furs and 300 skinned bodies that the furs appeared to come from lying on the side of the road where they were accidentally hit by some car. Take lots of pictures.

Then you take them to a seamstress who makes you a fur coat and certifies the date she got the furs and that she had exactly 300 and she made them into a fur coat for you to wear. Take lots of pictures.


Then you carry all of that paperwork and the scrapbook you made from all the pictures, with you when you wear your fur coat and show them to ketchup wielding protestors before they throw the ketchup.

People who take advantage of road kill are just opportunistic humanitarians who should hold a much higher place in our public esteem than they currently do.

That's how I got my fur coat.

Oh, and dinner last week too.

SKIN:   Mirror's Enigma [:ME:] Luna Tan
HAIR:  eXxEsS : TIAMAT Mesh Hair
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes - Aegean
LASHES:  Belleza 
GLASSES:  WOMENstuff Hunt X-Sight
VEST:  [whatever] button vest - leo
PANTS:  even.flow - Crayo Jeans "red" for Acid Lily
PURSE:  [Armidi Gisaci ] Focsani Bag
BOOTS:  Graffitiwear  3/14 LEATHER CALF BOOTS
POSES:  Morgane Batista

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