Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vision ... And Why Men Have None.


We have two little turtle doves that show up every morning and sit on the fence over the pool so they appear like a framed picture in the middle of the middle pane of our big bay window in the family room. They sit there cuddling, framed by the magnificent greenery and hills that are our back yard.


It is so romantic ... kind of like this symbol of the love hubby and I share.

 Kind like the avian representation of us like Mother Nature validating our love.

I mentioned how lovely it was to hubby.

He asked me what I meant.

I said, "Well they are like us, greeting each day, so in love, together, the centre of this life we have created here." I was a bit surprised he did not see the beauty of the symbolism.


He replied, " I don't see how they are like us, neither one of us can fly, you hate bugs, and I am pretty sure we would never be able to sit on that fence like that."

I forgot ...

. . .he is a man ...

. . . he saw 2 birds sitting on a fence ...

. . . and only because I pointed at them.

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