Thursday, May 2, 2013

When Office Furniture Speaks.


When I get up from my brand new office chair it makes this kind of sad noise ... like it does not want me to leave ... we have grown so attached...


Attaching human emotions to non human things is a sign of insanity in some parts of the world, but I don't allow any of those parts near me ... ever.

 I always assign non human things emotions ... including my children.

I felt so bad for my chair, I brought in extra milk and cookies and spent some quality time just cuddling it.

I used to think of it that way and then one day I really listened to it.  My chair does the sound when it sort of retwirls itself back into neutral position because I twirl it to face the door and stand up when I am leaving. For some reason there was something familiar in the sound and so I listened closely each time that it happened and I realized it was not crying because I was leaving it and it was sad ... it was complaining and whining like it didn't want to be a chair . . .

 . . .  or have me sit in it . . .

. . .  or even be in the same room with me!

It was that whine that I could not believe I ever mistook for anything other than what it was. That whine your kids do when they are bored, or don't want to clean their rooms, or go to grandma's house. It was the whine that husbands do when you ask them if they called the plumber yet, or if they took the garbage out or when they want to have sex.

And I sat down and made a crying whiney sound as I realized that my own family, my own experiences in life have totally messed me up ....


... and get in the way of my enjoying my own insanity ... even in my old age ...

Good thing a spanked chair cannot dial 911.

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