Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When Real Life Fails to Imitate the Musical.


Remember in Sound of Music when Julie Andrews/Maria made the kids outfits out of the curtains? The kids all felt swell, they hung out in the trees, evaded the Nazis,  and burst into song and danced around all over the place??


That does not translate so well in real life.

It is kind of embarrassing when you get some awesome new outfit and you go to a nursing home or your great aunts mausoleum of a house and find out that the very same material that is in your stunning new dress is also a horse hair stuffed chair, the curtains, or the wall paper.

Like a camel showing up wearing the exact same outfit that you have on would be easier to cope with.

I am not sure how a girl's self esteem ever recovers from being at a seniors home and disappearing into the wallpaper so that no-one even notices you. I mean when Mabel with the purple hair, breasts down to her knees and 3 teeth is the one everyone is hitting on ... it is pretty crushing. 


And if Great Aunt Irene cannot even find you on the couch, it means there is a good chance the visit will not get counted in the overall visit scorekeeping book, which means you could lose out by one visit when it comes to the will and eating all those water cress sandwiches and stale liver marshmallow surprise cookies .... will have been for nothing.

All of this is enough to make a girl seriously end up in a house alone .... hoarding cats.

Did you think this post was a joke?

It's not.

This is serious shit here.

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma  [:ME:] Azuka Milk Skintone
HAIR:  *booN KED937 hair
 EYES:   IKON  'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
LASHES:  Aimesi
MAKE-UPS:  Mirror's Enigma
TEETH:  Tuli
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails  - Berry Blue
JEWELLERY:  Indy&Co .: PortaNova Set: Classic Pearl
OUTFIT:  Indyra Originals RTW & Mesh- Dominga Set
SHOES:  Evolve Black Shoes
POSES:  Morgane Batista

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