Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Male Peacocks are More Peacockier.


I like nature. When you grow up on a farm with grandparental units they tend to relate all life to nature. It makes it much easier to have difficult conversations which I suppose you have to give them credit for broaching tough subjects ...


It's just a little hard to have the most important conversations of your teenages years all related to farm animal activities.

I owe my self-esteem to the fond regard my grandparents had for bovines.

Like the conversation before my wedding was all about "had I noticed that male animals have a much stronger sex drive?" I did not know how to break it to my grandmother that I had never really thought to observe the sexual appetites (or lack thereof) of dairy cows. It was doubly hard when we had regular visits from the AI guy (Artificial Insemination). Now there is a guy that held quite the title huh?? Good thing he wasn't invited to the wedding because I only ever knew him as "the AI Guy" ... might have been tense trying to intro him to the inlaws.

Anyway they also pointed out how the male of the species was often the "prettiest." (Strange that they were not more accepting of Gays.) I was shown the roosters, the male birds, (they skipped cattle on this one) and of course peacocks.

I have no idea how that applies to men in real life ... seriously ...

Sometimes you just nod and pretend you understand ... it is not less painful ... just avoids hours filled with them talking and you getting a headache.


. . . unless they think men wearing hawaiian shirts and dark socks on white legs in sandles is comparable to peacock feathers ...

But aren't they supposed to dance around or strut or something?  Walking to the bedroom is not strutting ... is it??

. . . am I reading too much into this??

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